Passenger Information LED Sign System(PIS)

It is commonly known that the public transport becomes more and more important every year in all areas that have the ambition to develop in a modern way. 

Passenger information LED displays are an important factor, which increases the comfort of the passengers when using the public communication, such as bus, tramway, subway, train, ship or an air-plane, Railway and Metro Platforms. 

Real-time arrival and departure information of the vehicle is displayed via an LED matrix on the Displays, providing a variable information system.

  • In a modern transportation environment, delivering an easy and enjoyable passenger experience is of the utmost importance. The most successful transportation hubs answer this call with LED signage called passenger information led sign, using the technology to deliver real-time information to large groups of mobile audiences whether at an airport, a train station, a bus station, or any other sort of transit center. Versatile and durable LED display technology not only improves the indoor and outdoor aesthetics of these environments but it provides immense utility in the form of EVIDS, wayfinding, advertising, and countless other applications!
  • The platform led display is a passenger information system that communicates train arrival or departure information throughout the station using a set of LED displays. The displayed information can include train origin/destination, arrival/departure times and service advisories.
  • platform led display
  • The platform led display is able to withstand typical railway environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, weather, dust, and vandalism. The platform display can be mounted to the wall or to the ceiling and it can be single or double sided for a wider visibility. We can help you find the appropriate passenger information display system according to your needs and requirements.
  • platform led display
  • The main benefits of implementing Passenger Information led Display by TS LED are:

    1. they are made only from high quality electronic components,
    2. slim and aesthetic design, which allows flexibility and adaptation to individual needs,
    3. very good legibility and visibility in any weather conditions,
    4. wide readability angle and uniform colour of the display,
    5. luminance adjustment – automatic or manual,
    6. stable luminance regardless of the supply voltage tolerance,
    7. dependable work in harsh environmental and weather conditions,
    8. modular construction,
    9. passenger information led display work autonomy,
    10. innovative construction of the display significantly extends the work time, limits the service and maintenance, and lowers the whole cost of maintenance.

passenger infromation led sign

passenger information led sign