Transparent LED Screen

Second, the characteristics of transparent LED screen

(1) high transparent effect has a very high rate of perspective, with a 70% - 95% of rate, fully guarantee the floor, glass facade, Windows and other lighting structure between the light and Angle of view scope, ensure that the function of glass curtain wall of the daylighting of the original perspective.

(2) do not take up space, light weight. Motherboard 10 mm thickness, display screen body normally weighs 12 kg / ㎡, without changing the building structure, fixed directly on the glass curtain wall.

(3) without the steel frame structure, save a lot of installation and maintenance costs. Fixed on the glass curtain wall directly, without any steel structure, save a lot of cost.

(4) the unique display effect for display background is transparent, can make the advertising images give a person the sense of floating on the glass curtain wall, has the very good advertising effect and artistic effect.

(5) maintenance convenient indoor maintenance, quick and safe, economically.

(6) energy conservation and environmental protection do not need the traditional refrigeration system and air conditioning cooling, over 30% of energy than normal LED display.


transparent led screen TTF-3.91-7.81 TTF-3.91-7.81
Pixel pitch(mm) 3.91-7.81 3.91-7.81
Pixel Density(dot/m2) 32768 32768
LED Type 1921 1921
Module Size(W x H x D)mm 500 x 125 500 x 125
Module resolution(W x H) 128 x 16 128 x 16
Module Weight(Kg) 0.3 0.3
Power Consumption per Module(w) 40 28
Diver Mode(Scan) 1/8 1/16
Brightness(cd/m2) 5000 3000
Grey Scale(bits) 16 16
Refresh Rate(Hz) 1,920 1,920
Cabinet Size(W x H x D)cm 500x 1000  500x 1000 
Cabinet Weight(Kg/m2) 8 8
Max Power Consumption(W/m2) 800 600
Ave Power Consumption(W/m2) 250 200
View Angle(H°/V°) 160/120 160/120
Mini View Distance(m) 3 3
Operating Use Temperature()


Storage Use Temperature()


Input Voltage(V)


Input Power Frequency(Hz)


Failure Rate


Signal Input Format


Life Time(hrs)


IP Level(front/rear)


Transparent led screen

transparent led screen