Bus LED Screen Board&Module

Bus Route LED Display Sign Board:

DIP 504 PTH LED Lamp with Amber,White,RED,Green color for every Bus led display modules;

Many different size and pitch,Such as P2.5,P3,P4,P5,P6,P7.62,P8,P10,P12.5,P13,P13.4MM;

Seismic design for all bus route led display sign board;

Flame retardant materils for PCB,Frame,chips and leds.

Bus route led display sign board can make: front led screen for outside passengers,

rear led  screen, interior led display , side led sign, and guided led screen  internal passengers,

5 piece of LED screen and bus stop announcer or control box, control card and the control center.


Bus Vehicel LED Screen module size:

P2.5 256*24,256*32,256*16dots,640-480-400-320mm led display board                                                F3.75 64*16dots,304*76mm led display module

Vehicel led board    vehicel led display

P4 128*16dots 512*64mm led display pannel                                                                                         P6 DIP 504 LED LAMP LED module Amber color

on-board led board    bus led display module

P7.62 64*16dots,488*122mm bus led display board                                                                                P7.62 64*32dots,488*244mm DIP 504 led lamp led module

bus led module    504 led display

P8.2 32*24,48*24dots 262*197mm bus led sign board                                                                            P8*10 32*16DOTS,256*160mm bus led screen board

24DOTS led module    bus led module

P8*10 48*16dots,384*160mm dip 504 Amber color bus led display board                                              P8*10 32*16dots,256*160mm dip 546 red bus led sign board

bus led destination board    bus led route sign

P8*10 bus led display sign 64*16dots,512*160mm Amber dip 546 lamp                                                    P8*10 bus led module 32*16dots,transparent led lamp 504

 Amber led module    bus led board

P12.5 200*200MM 16*16dots Amber color led display module                                                                 P12.5 400*200mm 32*16dots Amber color bus led module

P12.5 led module    400*200 LED MODULE