Airport Flight Information LED Screen

Among them, the Flight Information LED Display System (FIDS) is the main system facing passengers at the airport, which is responsible for providing all-round information services for passengers and personnel at the transfer station.

For passengers, FIDS is distributed throughout the airport (departure hall, check-in counter island, check-in counter, waiting hall, boarding gate; arrival baggage carousel, arrival hall; and other passengers can reach Area) various LED displays. For departing passengers, from entering the terminal, the flight led display system has provided departure flight information, check-in island guidance information, check-in counter guidance information, and boarding gate guidance information; The system provides guidance information on the baggage carousel; the flight display system provides arrival flight information for the passengers who greet passengers; in addition, the flight display system also provides temporary messages with different functions for all types of personnel, and also needs to display information In-stream ads.

These FIDS information includes planning information, dynamic information, and temporary information; from the perspective of information sources, there are some from other information systems at the airport, some from the Air Traffic Control Bureau, and some manually input by staff.


system structure FIDS system can be divided into the following parts; 

1. Various display terminal LED screens facing passengers.

 2. Information input terminal for airport staff.

3. The database server is responsible for the storage of flight plans and all other data that needs to be saved.4. The central server, the core of the system, accepts input information and supports terminal LED display.

Using WEB technology construction, the display terminal and information input terminal are based on the browser, and the central server adopts the J2EE compatible application server.

Specific display function of each LED display terminal

◆ Departure flight information LED displayIt displays information such as flight number, airline logo, terminal, stop, departure time, change of departure time, check-in counter number, remarks (such as delays, gate closures, etc.) in both Chinese and English.Guidance information display at the head of the check-in islandIn both Chinese and English, display the counter number of each counter on the check-in island, the flight number that is checking in, the airline logo, and the terminal.

◆ Guidance information display at the check-in counter


For the development counter (that is, when the counter is used for the first class or business class passengers of a certain airline), the first class and business class icons of the airline are displayed on one screen.For general counters, the flight number, airline logo, terminal, stop, planned time (or change time), gate, remark, and service level are displayed in both Chinese and English. When there is a shared flight, the screen will be displayed.

Boarding gate guidance information displayEach boarding gate has two large LED display screens:The large LED screen of the boarding flight: flight number, airline icon, terminal, stop, departure time, change time, remarksDisplay of the flight (multiple entries) that will board here: flight number, airline icon, terminal, stop, gate opening time, gate closing time, remarks. 

◆ Led screen for luggage carousel guidance informationdisplays the flight number and departure station corresponding to the baggage carousel.

◆ Inbound flight information LED display is similar to the display function of departure flight information.

◆ Temporary message displayAny display terminal can display temporary messages (such as flight changes, finding people, weather forecasts, etc.). There are two types of temporary messages:Automatic message, when the flight information changes (for example, a flight has gate A changed to gate B, the system automatically generates a change message to remind passengers to pay attention, this message is displayed on the relevant LED and at the specified time Cancellation within, without staff intervention.Manual message, the airport staff can manually add a message through the message management station. This message can specify the display terminal LED display time.Manual message management has authority control, and only staff with message management authority can perform manual message operations.

◆ Interstitial advertisement LED display

Any display terminal can display advertising information. Advertisement types support multiple formats such as HTML pages, pictures, animations, and Flash.

Advertising and flight information pages are displayed in cut screens, with various forms of cut LED screens, and the time interval of cut screens can be set;

The broadcast time and stop time of the advertisement can be controlled in the advertisement management station, and the display time strategy can also be changed according to user needs (such as daily, weekly, and monthly display at a specific time).

Each advertisement can be published on multiple led display, and each led screen can also display multiple advertisements (multiple advertisements are randomly cut to the screen);

Advertising management is equipped with authority management, and only staff who have obtained the authority of advertising management can carry out advertising operations.

Background control function

It is able to perform sub-regional control and monitor the operation of each LED display. If a led displaydoes not access the server within a certain period of time (default 5 seconds), the monitoring station will issue a red warning;


It can simulate and display the content of remote LED, and monitor the display content of each led display in real time;can change the display type and display content of a led sign at will, the conversion work is completed within 5 seconds;Able to simply control the CRT, such as restarting, degaussing, etc. (requires technical support from the led screen manufacturer);Each LED records the IP address and detailed remarks, which is convenient for staff to locate and operate;The central monitoring station is equipped with authority management, and only managers with specific authority can log in to the monitoring station.