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P20mm Outdoor Advertising LED Display in Riyadh
P20mm Outdoor Advertising LED Display in Riyadh

Item:P20mm outdoor advertising led display

Size: 5.120*4.880m

Date: Jul.22

Location: Riyadh

P20mm Outdoor Advertising LED Display White balance and white field color temperature selection
    According to the visual characteristics of the human eye, people like images with different color temperatures under different environmental illuminances. According to this feature, when the environmental brightness changes, we can not only automatically adjust the brightness of the display, but also the color temperature of the display can automatically change to meet The requirements of human visual characteristics.
The relationship between white field color temperature and RGB brightness is as follows:
      According to the principle of colorimetry, the color matching equation in the "RGB" and "XYZ" color counting systems is:
         [F]=R(R)+G(G)+B(B)= X(X)+Y(Y)+Z(Z)
          x, y, z are chromaticity coordinates, where:
P20mm Outdoor Advertising LED Display After accurately measuring the chromaticity coordinates of each primary color LED through the advanced color analyzer CS-100 and selecting the white field color temperature, the brightness ratio of the three primary colors is obtained through the brightness equation, so that the display screen can be used in various environments Achieve the most comfortable white field color temperature for the human eye.