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P4mm SMD LED Indoor Advertising Display For Shop
P4mm SMD LED Indoor Advertising Display For Shop

Item:P4mm SMD Indoor Advertising Display for Shop

Size: 4.608*0.444m*8PCS

Date: Nov.12


P4mm SMD LED Indoor Advertising Display For Shop

advertsing led display

Intelligent led display control system Intelligent monitoring system, with smoke, temperature abnormal alarm system, automatic brightness adjustment, remote fault alarm function. 

Intelligent monitoring and alarm function The display system has fault monitoring and early warning functions.

The system can perform self-diagnosis, record a log of potential faults that may occur, and send an alarm signal to the operator.

At the same time, the data is transmitted back to the control room so that the staff can take corresponding measures; LED single module self-test, communication test, power supply test, temperature monitoring;

The led screen system has smoke alarm and temperature rise alarm functions. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the system will automatically cut off the power protection; The system has an environmental brightness detector, which can automatically adjust the brightness of the display screen, so that the display system can automatically adjust the brightness under different environmental illuminances, achieving energy saving and ensuring long-term visual comfort.

The system has self-diagnosis (including any internal faults in temperature, communication, power supply, etc.) and recording capabilities.

It can detect any possible and existing faults in real time, and prompt alarms and take effective measures; The system has a database that records the original data, settings, test results, system maintenance, running time, color, brightness, and optical attenuation characteristic curve of each cabinet and module.