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P4mm SMD Rental & Events LED Display Screen
P4mm SMD Rental & Events LED Display Screen

Item:P4mm SMD Rental & Events LED Display

Size: 2.048*5.12*4pcs

Date: Jun.12


P4mm SMD Rental & Events LED Display Screen

Item: P4mm Rental LED Display

TS LED specialized in DIP,SMD transparent LED display,rental led screen,outdoor advertising led sign,dip led module,flexible led sign,bus led screen for passenger information-traffic-stadium-station.

LED Display design and technical characteristics

(1) According to the use function, the display screen can display a complete picture, or it can be divided into at least two areas to display different content. The pixel resolution ratio of the display area meets the requirements of video playback and visual viewing characteristics.

(2) The LED display uses modules to be assembled into a box, and the box is assembled into a display. In the rear maintenance mode, sufficient maintenance space has been considered at the rear of the screen body, which is quick to assemble, easy to maintain, and has a smooth surface. The surface of the module PCB electronic components are coated with three-proof paint, which is waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static and dust-proof.

(3) The rental led display unit technology meets the requirements: fine, flat, sturdy, unit integrated design, easy to install, disassemble and live maintenance. The display unit is moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, flame-proof, dust-proof, high and low temperature, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic Interference, anti-vibration and circuit protection functions.