Project for Bus LED Display

Written by:admin Time:2020-10-17

With the technologic advancement, continues updating new technology and innovation to create value for partnership, nowadays, there have wealth of ways for run ads for users. Bus led display would be more prevailed in future, the ROI would be higher than your cost, the advertising is dynamic, it attracts peoples’ eyeball everywhere. Therefore, money is everywhere.

On 12th Oct. 2012, Mr. Roy Sunak, Mr. Moshe Har-Melech, whom from Israel, visited our factory, for this business trip, we are aim to research the project of Bus LED Panel, and know about the overall operating performance is must. Roy said. During the discussing, we shared a lot of opinions with sincerity. They spoke highly of our engineers, who with more than 12 years experience, very kind and professional on LED Screen industry.

It indicated that advertising is everywhere, profits is everywhere. it's time to let your LED Displays make money with you.