Outdoor LED Display Plays An Important Role in Advertising Me

Written by:admin Time:2013-05-30

Nowadays, the advertising, news and live show are visible from the outdoor advertising led display& LED digital billboard when we walk on the prosperous avenue. Led display as a way of rising advertising which it has become a new power in advertising industry. TS LED aims to create more healthy and energy-saving lighting source in LED Display industry.


P6mm outdoor full color led display for advertising

outdoor led display

Led display has been confirmed and used widely by advertising media industry, which changed the way of information processing and the mode of transmission, to take advantages of improving the technology of media and network, it can fulfill broadcasting news information in order to meet customers’ needs in various way of information era. Outdoor advertising led screen leads to the new trends in advertising industry.


P16mm outdoor full color led display for advertising

Outdoor full color led display which has the features with high brightness, vivid picture, sync with sounds and images, led display have a great market in advertising industry. In recent five years, the application of advertising led display has increased with the amount of ads.