TS P10 led module low power consumption Outdoor Advertising LED Display Screen

Written by:admin Time:2020-10-17

On the April, 2014, TS LED installed the outdoor P10 advertising LED Display screen, with fixed installation, standard waterproof cabinet, owns 8000CD/m2 brightness, high refresh rate gives people real-world visual enjoy.

The walking street, located in Wuhan, owns 1390meters, which is the longest walking and commercial street in the world, gathered shopping consume, catering and recreation, tour and sightseeing, leisure activities, commercial office and hotel, it’s the multi-functional, all-fields, and compound super commercial walking street.

According to the data analysis, there have 20 thousand people per day walked at the walking street, it is estimate that the flow of people passing within the visibility zone of the Outdoor Advertising LED Screen Displays amounts to approximately one hundred and forty thousand people per week. It is really very impressive.

Outdoor Advertising on LED Screen Display in supermarkets is a fundamentally new advertising service which could permits to establish contact with buyers or clients, ensuring high coverage of target audience, effective advertising and positive feedback to the promoted brands.

Tell us what your idea about you intend to how to take full advantage of full color dynamic LED Video Screen to make more, TS LED would provide custom-made solution for you.

What are the index on the power consume and the requirements for the power supply OF THE LED screen?

The power consume of the LED screen have the Average power consume and the Maximum power consume. We also called the Average power consume as the Working power consume, it’s the factual power consume when it’s operating normally. The Maximum power consume is the power consume when it’s starting or full lighting and the other extreme situations. The Maximum power consume is the necessary factor to consider when using the AC electricity power supply, the depth of the wire and the switch, too. Generally, the Average power consume is one out of three of the Maximum power consume.

The LED display screen is the big size precision equipment. To operate in security and stability, the AV 220V power supply input port of the LED panel screen or the connected computers? Power supply input port need to connect with the ground.

Noted: computers? Power supply input port also must be connected with the body of the computer