P25mm Outdoor Stadium LED Display Shinning in Sports Meeting

Written by:admin Time:2014-08-20

TS LED P25 outdoor stadium led display installed successfully in Malaysia. The stadium could hold 50 thousand audiences, owning well-equipped, which the important and significant celebration and international competition would be held. Malaysian loves to take exercise after sunset, and to do tai chi in the morning, people can not only enhance physique but also enjoy the peace.


Stadium led display mainly applied in live broadcast and score display, at the same time, stadium LED display could play an important role as commercial ads during the events, of course, stadium led display provide alive scene for the events, slow motion replay, close-up view etc. consequently, people can enjoy the perfect visual feast. Meanwhile, LED video image processor could realize the real-time communication, manage and integrate news & states, such as record, time, text, chart, video and scoreboard system etc.), we can realize multi-windows display from one whole by software subzone function, which display image, real-time display, text, time and score. Improving the brand image of the organizer and sponsor for its excellent video quality, smart colorful showing, real-time events broadcast, without any doubt, it guarantee the excitement and perfectness for the events.

Stadium LED Display
Stadium LED display main features:
1. Commercial advertising gives more highlights, fluent video and audio effects makes the events scene more shocking.
2. Competitor introduction and events live broadcast. Large-scale and dynamic events live break the limits of the seats where can’t watch the competition wholly, own stadium led display resolve the long-distance viewing.
3. Connect the referee and timing & scoring system, LED Display show the real-time events time and score.
4. Referee could make the accurate judgment by slow-motion replay, which keep the fair and justice for the events.
5. Exciting events, slow-motion replay, close-up shot. The audience could enjoy the great visual feast.