TS LED P10 SMD Cree Outdoor LED Display for Swimming Pool

Written by:admin Time:2020-10-17

"P10 SMD outdoor led displays installed successfully at the swimming pool", news reported from onsite engineer, two led displays were installed, one was installed on the top of entrance, also, enter the hall, we can see there has one bigLED Displayon the right side wall. With two big size led screens, the swimming pool looks more high-end, dynamic and impressive; moreover, one more important is enhance your brand image along with the updated data.  

Without any doubt, swimming pool is mainly the stadium building for swimming, diving and water polo series aquatic sports. At the swimming pool, there have audience area of two sides, which people could watch the training, competition. Audience would watch the live game with updated dynamic outs from two LED screens. LED Displays solved the problem of audience’s worry about missing the game.

Two P10 SMD LED Displays adopted CREE lamp bright waterproof lamps, with broad viewing angle, good displaying consistency and high contrast.

Item details:
P10mm SMD CREE Outdoor LED Display in Swimming Pool, Oman
Size: 7.68m*3.84m*2pcs=59 SQM
Add: Swimming pool

Strong after-sales support, high-end quality and professional engineer gave good impression for clients, the following comments are given:
With the regards of the email, the Minister has visited the site yesterday and he was happy about the output, moreover he mentioned that we will be having 2 new projects very soon, as he wants us to be the only supplier for the ministry.
Here I would like to thank you and your team for the strong support we got from you, and our welling for long term business relation with you.