A Smart Advertising Billboard Upgrade By TS LED

Written by:admin Time:2018-03-29

On February 5th, another two pitch 10mm outdoor advertising LED displays with 45 sqm have been installed successfully and ready for application in Central Asia.

At last year, this customer mentioned the two printed billboards by the road of downtown in the city, and planed to upgrade them to digital LED display for commercial application. Obviously, digital display is better choice for advertising comparing of traditional billboard,  considering of more vivid images and convenience.

After the deep consideration of all proposals we’ve provided, p10mm outdoor LED display as the most popular product for outdoor advertising fields, owning high brightness, water-proof, big size and suitable for various environments, become the final winner.

Display information:

· Commercial display, 9m Wide x 5m High; Total 45 sqm.

· Fast-assemble module from both front and rear

· 7,000 Nits Brightness for outdoor

· Cloud based control with monitoring system

 advertising led billboard

The two digital LED display occupied the best ad service location and big viewing angle from far away, they can draw people’s attention easily, obviously, its the best choice for the advertiser.

LED display are coloring the streets and getting into Uzbeks’ daily life.