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Written by:admin Time:2018-09-27

After three months’ hard work, a brand new LED display has brightened the Gym in Canada.

A few months earlier, TS LED partner “Leader LED display “in Vancouver contacted us, one of their client want to install an advertising platform for the Gym building. After building construction design, support to apply the installation permission, finally, the display be installed on time.

It’s an outdoor high-brightness front service LED display with 10m*1.92m. Considering of the screen will be mounting on wall, the cabinet is specially designed by us, which is thinner and has customized  mounting parts such as angle iron for mounting on wall.

front service led display

At the same time, we recommend front access module for the display. It can support both front and rear access way, and one person will be enough to handle the screen if needed.

Also, taking consideration of information receiver and viewing distance of the display, Pitch 16mm is the most cost-efficient and best-performing for this project.

With this special customized one package solution, Gold’s Gym sure will be the best in the town, according to the customer. Meanwhile, the owner of the GYM planned to open 5 more stores in Canada and “ Leader LED display “ will be their best choice

We will provide professional and effective solutions for every distributor and partners as we always do.