Best Flexible LED Screens, P2.5 Flexible LED Module with Arc Shape Led Display

Written by:admin Time:2020-10-09

P2.5 LED flexible module have a pixel pitch of 2.5mm. The pixel pitch, sometimes referred to as the pitch or dot pitch, is the density of the pixels on an LED display and correlates with resolution and the distance in millimeters from the center of a pixel to the center of the adjacent pixel. As pixel pitch indicates the amount of space between two pixels, a smaller pixel pitch means less empty space between pixels. This equates to higher pixel density and improved screen resolution. 

With the fast development of LED display technology and the expansion of the display market,P2.5 led soft led modules are increasingly popular and widely used in conference rooms, monitoring rooms, control rooms, or any locations where high contrast and close-up viewing are needed. Here are some types and features of P2.5 LED displays for your reference while considering potential purchase:

Features of small fine pitch P2.5 LED panels

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1. Small pitch P2.5 LED panels boast ultra-thin cabinet design and lightweight, which will save much work at the installation and dismantlement, especially for rental displays that are often supposed to be frequently moved from places to places.

2. With high contrast ratio, high grayscale and fine uniformity, even in low brightness, the displayed layering and vividness of small pitch P2.5 LED panels are higher than traditional displays. It can also display more details of the image without loss of information content. Small pitch P2.5 LED panels are so smooth and seamless that they can display vivid images and bring viewers fantastic visual feasts.

3. The higher the refresh rate, the better the stability of displayed images. The lower the refresh rate, the fiercer the image flickers and flutters and the faster the eyes get tired. With a high refresh rate, small pitch P2.5 LED panels can display stable and clear images and restore the true information content of images.

Advantages of P2.5 indoor LED video walls

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1. With the serialization and standardization design, P2.5 indoor LED video walls, which are often completely seamless interactive walls, provide users with high-efficiency service by responding quickly without the smearing or double-image effect.

2. P2.5 indoor LED video walls usually have visible control boxes that provide source processing, windowing, control and monitoring of the video walls. It is really convenient for users to set up and control parameters like the brightness, RGB color space and grayscale.

Features of P2.5 soft flexible LED display

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1. The creativity of bending or folding LED displays has constraints in the realization by traditional solid LED displays, but on flexible displays, fancy ideas of special shapes have basic elements to trial. P2.5 soft flexible LED displays have no cabinet metal frames and can be shaped to any shapes you want.

2. P2.5 soft flexible LED displays are very thin with lightweight that can save much trouble and enable benefits to both buyers and producers, in either the aspects of packing, transportation or installation. They can be easily assembled and disassembled with soft LED modules.

Advantages of P2.5 flexible soft LED displays

1. P2.5 flexible soft LED displays embrace a strong supply ability. They are now widely used in stage shows, concerts, theaters, parties, and other entertainment events as the background.

2. Modules of P2.5 flexible soft LED displays are under strict quality control with small units and flexible design, being able to be transformed into complicated shapes for specific purposes.

P2.5 LED poster retail displays for store advertising

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1. P2.5 LED poster displays provide high resolution while allowing owners of retail businesses, restaurants, clubs and exhibitors to feature their products with the simplest way by uploading relative videos or digital static content. Users can place it in any place. And it is portable and easy to keep.

2. You are able to play your content directly from your devices, such as your laptop, tablet or smartphone. P2.5 LED poster displays can perform centralized video control and management via the Internet. Enjoy the privilege of watching or screening your own videos, audios or pictures anytime and anywhere with LED poster displays. You can update your digital content in displays via WIFI or USB. Easy-to-follow on-screen menu makes it simple to schedule your content and no complicated configuration is needed.

3. P2.5 LED poster displays are multifunctional displays. They can be used in advertising and marketing for campaign information, urgent information and instant message of supermarkets, shopping plazas, conference rooms, bus stations and restaurants.

Tips to buy indoor P2.5 LED displays

1. As LED displays are usually comprised of 0.5-square-meter panels, each of which contains tens of thousands of RGB LEDs, they can be expensive. The cost increases when the pixel pitch is smaller. So, one important thing to note is that you have to consider your need and finance situation before purchasing P2.5 LED displays.

2. An LED display with a pixel pitch of 0.7mm can be used to build a 1080p wall in a small area no much larger than a large-sized TV. A 4mm pixel pitch would require a size of about 8m x 4.5m to show a 1080p 16:9 image. Therefore, don’t purchase before you figure out where these displays are you going to install and what kind of effect do you expect.

3. When determining viewing distance and pixel pitch, the rule of thumb is that a smaller pixel pitch allows for a closer viewing distance. So, a P1.2 LED display will have significantly higher resolution and a closer optimal viewing distance than a P16 display. When selecting indoor P2.5 LED displays, it is important to first consider the distance viewers will be from displays. The general formula for the optimal viewing distance is: pixel pitch (mm) / (0.3~0.8) = optimal viewing distance (mm)

E.g., the best viewing distance for a P2.5 LED display is 3~8 meters; viewers at 3 meters distance will be able to distinguish the display clearly; however, those viewing from a greater distance such as 8 meters, will have less, but acceptable, clarity.

4. Since images will flicker and flutter fiercely and eyes will get tired with a lower refresh rate. Choose the right refresh rate of P2.5 LED displays according to specific purposes.

5. As LED walls tend to be brighter than projectors and, to some extent, televisions, they look very good on camera when shot with IMAG. Therefore, your LED walls are likely to be a large source of light that can balance or even overwhelm other lights. A good thing is that LED walls can be dimmed or brightened to a certain degree. However, that is something you need to consider in your planning.