what is the difference between DIP LED display and SMD LED display?

Written by:admin Time:2020-10-10

The current general LED displays are divided into DIP LED displays and SMD LED displays according to industry standards. The LED display screen is formed by splicing LED modules one by one.

Whether it is DIP or SMD, it is finally spliced into one surface to display the playback content. In terms of structure, each LED module is composed of four parts: lamp surface, PCB circuit board, IC surface, and bottom shell mask.

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So what is the difference between DIP LED display and SMD LED display? The author compares from the following four aspects.

dip led module

1. Raw materials

The first is the difference between lamp beads. The lamp beads used in the DIP LED display are mainly irregular long round lamp beads, the main models are f3/f5/346 and other models. The packaging process is mature, the waterproof performance is good, and the light-emitting surface is a full-light surface.

SMDLED lamp beads are mainly in the shape of a cube or a cuboid. The packaging process is to fill the chip into a metal bracket, and then fill it with glue and dry it. The specifications are 3535/3528/2835/2727(2525)/2121/1921/1515/ 1010 and many other types, the packaging process has been mature, the light-emitting surface is a single front light.

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2. Process

The PCB circuit board used in the SMD LED display is the pad surface, which is used to weld the lamp pins of the SMD LED lamp beads. The PCB circuit board used by DIP DIP LED module has holes in the relevant pad positions. Insert the DIP LED lamp beads for welding.

SMD is a surface welding process, only welding on the surface of the product,

DIP is a DIP penetration (PTH) process, double-sided welding (the front and back are soldered).

So relatively speaking, the DIP welding process is more stable than the SMD process.


3, application

Due to the limitation of the structure of DIP LED lamp beads, DIP LED modules are mainly used in P10, P16, and P20 with equal spacing. The smaller spacing is P8, and the minimum spacing is P6. Because of its good waterproof performance, high brightness and high stability, it is mainly used in outdoor media advertising and transportation and municipal projects.

The SMDLED lamp bead is because of its structural rules, the metal bracket can be adjusted, and its types are diverse. SMDLED modules range from outdoor P10/P8/P6/P5/P4/P3/P2.5 to indoor P10/P7.62 /P6/P5/P4.75/P4/P3/P2.5/P2/P1.875/P1.667/P1.56/P1.25/P1.0 and so on, all types of applications with multiple pitches, everything, The fan made up that DIP LED cannot be applied to small pitch products.

4, performance

The first is brightness comparison. For products with the same spacing, such as DIP P10 outdoor full-color LED display and SMDP10 outdoor full-color LED display, the brightness of DIP is generally greater than that of SMD, and DIP LED screens generally save about 30% more energy than SMD LED displays. .

5, life

Finally, the service life comparison. DIP lamp beads are generally larger than SMD lamp beads, and the sealing of the package is more complete and uniform than SMD lamp beads (DIP lamp beads have a uniform arc surface, SMD lamp beads have 6 faces in a cube), and it can be used from reality In terms of performance, DIP LED displays have higher brightness and longer service life than SMD LED displays.