What is the VMS led sign?

Written by:admin Time:2020-10-10

Alternatively smaller scale integrations can be easily performed via the relay inputs. In order to boost the reliability of the products, is equipped with the high features like Pixel Fault detection, Automatic temperature control, auto dimming, door sensors and alarms, self diagnostic features.

 lane control led sign

Variable Message Signs are the basic tool in dynamic traffic management on highways, express ways and in urban areas.

The use of the VMS allows to send drivers constant warnings and important information about the current situation in the road network, obstructions and weather conditions, thus influencing the improvement of the traffic, safety of travel and its comfort.

Variable message sign are certified and evaluation in accordance to the European standard“Road vertical signs – Variable message traffic signs”. Variable Message Signs offered by the TS LED have at least 10 years warranty for durability and reliability.

Key benefits from TS LED variable message signs implementation:

patented highly efficient optic system:

ensures the highest optic performance,

VMS led screen

allows LED light focus where it is needed,

allows to lower the nominal power for the LED by 90%, maintaining all optic characteristics for minimum 10 years of exploitation, significantly reducing the power consumption,

all LED units are monitored non-stop, even as they are OFF. Possible damages are reported and recorded in the controller log,

wide variety of pixel size from 10mm to 35mm. This allows to customize signs to individual need,

variable message signs have remote diagnostics and monitoring of all subsystems,

only specially selected LEDs are used,

quick and easy replacement of components without use of any specialized tools,

redundant and dependable of the LED and control units,

small weight of the devices thanks to the use of aluminium alloy, which guarantees resistance to an aggressive work environment,

lane control led display

Walk-In Dynamic Message Signs

With the walk-in type VMS, reduces the overall investment, make sure the riders to be upto date with vital traffic information throughout the year with a 24 hours of reliable operation.

entrance led sign

VMS/DMS signs are hi-tech communication device, designed to operate in harsh conditions, from salty coastal winds, hot dry winds of middle east to humid and extremely cold conditions such as Iceland and Alaska.

VMS/DMS sigs are the key components of modern ITS road, used for instant messaging to the road commuters for critical informations like Safety messages, weather warnings, road closures, men at work or any useful information in order to take the commuters home safely. This is the main information source for informations like emergencies, incidents ahead or any natural emergencies like tornados etc.

The messaging is basically control from integrated ITS systems from the control room via wired or wireless communication media.

VMS/DMS signs are developed to integrate with platforms like Scada etc for tunnels and roads. Compatibility with standard NTCIP makes it a universal ITS equipment to work with any platform compatible with NTCIP developed by any system integrator in the world.