how do i install transparent led screen?

Written by:admin Time:2020-11-18

Compared with the conventional screen, LED transparent screen installation is really too simple, even if there is no installation experience, read it again, you can also become a transparent LED screen installation, let us together and see it.

transparent led screen

Transparent LED screen installation has the following several steps

Install the crane beam. In installation of crane beam, you need to keep level between the two crane beams.
LED transparent screen cabinet hanging beam. According to the design of hole connect the box body and the hanging beam, and use lock to lock up. With connection still remained locked, so that will be firmly with hanging beam.
Around two rows of casing connection. This is also corresponding to the lock is connected, is very simple
Upper and lower casing connection. General location hole can easily put box body alignment with lock to lock up and down.

transparent led screen
 Casing connection line. Cabinet after the connection is between the box body line connection, by air connector, the corresponding up and down the cable, power cord is connected.
External power supply cord. By using special hangtou joint, the power wire, zero line, the ground wire is connected and the column, there are several columns with a couple of external power supply cord, can from the access, can also from the access, look at the actual demand.
An external network cable. The cable connected to the processor, a head of access to the screen.
Casing connection cable. A list box first access to the Internet, need from the other end to connect a network cable to two columns enclosure, the whole connection to for N type.
At this point, a complete transparent LED screen will be appeared in front of everyone, now it has been taken off the light, but distance broadcast video images also nearly distance, this needs to be LED transparent screen Settings, and listen to the shenzhen TS transparent LED screen manufacturer next time.