TSLED 2020 new transparent led screen most popular in the world

Written by:admin Time:2020-11-21

Transparent LED screen is getting more and more popular, the market share and customers constantly improve the recognition rate. However, there are many customers still don't know, still waiting for or don't know how to get the transparent display screen into their scene design. Here is to introduce the advantages and applications of transparent LED screen and place to let you all understand familiar with transparent LED screen, feel the charm of transparent LED screen.

transparent led display

1.Transparent rate can reach 95%, pervious to light, leak, do not affect daylighting, the line of sight.

2.Without the steel structure, light weight, convenient installation, plug and play.

3.Display modular design, easy to install fixed on the bracket, the standard size of the module can be quickly splicing screen into a big screen.

4.All power supplies and receiving card hidden in the module, the power to connect more easily.

5.Computer phone control double support, screen + + APP data cloud, WiFi network.

6.The refresh rate of up to 9600 hz, stable performance, flicker-free, display effect is good.

7.High contrast, ultra wide Angle 160 °, highlighting dazzle colour, attract eyeball.

8.High integration design, than traditional screen save electricity 50%.

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Transparent LED screen applications

Education: campus area, training institutions and other interactive systems.

Public places: the airport, railway, subway, highway transportation industry, such as library, museum, shopping malls and other places of information display.

Commercial illustration: a television studio, large-scale performances and commercial exhibition, hotel lobby, enterprises and institutions, etc.

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Government departments: convenient propaganda, guide, openness, etc.
LED the emergence of the transparent screen is in some ways to solve the LED display on the image problem, looks better than the traditional LED display. Key features are fully rate is high, don't keep out the line of sight, does not affect the overall appearance, and with stereoscopic 3 d display effect. In addition, the LED transparent screen can also be installed indoors, store product display, stereo effect capture attention, also, the LED display screen new circuit design, transparent and conventional LED display is different, better heat dissipation, can avoid overheating, avoid problems such as the fire broke out.