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P16mm VMS LED Display Varriable Message Sign for Highway
P16mm VMS LED Display Varriable Message Sign for Highway

Item:P32mm VMS LED Varriable Lane Control Sign for Highway

Size: Customized*43sets

Date: Nov.20


VMS Varriable Message Sign LED traffic guidance screens provide guidance for drivers who are not familiar with road conditions, etc., and are suitable for dense areas of urban roads and major highways. It is generally made of LED light-emitting diodes, and consists of a screen, a drive system, a control system, communication equipment, a power supply system, a door frame, and a cabinet. In the information age and the rapid development of intelligent transportation systems today, in the transportation field, the release of information has become an important service content. What are the functions of LED traffic guidance screens and what are the specific classifications?

1. Four functions of LED traffic guidance display

1. The Varriable Message Sign requires high luminous brightness and wide viewing angle; the luminous brightness of the display can be automatically adjusted according to the ambient light intensity. Under normal circumstances, the LED traffic guidance screen must work continuously for 24 hours a day, and the display content can be clearly visible under direct sunlight. Normally, the visual distance of the display screen is required to be about 200m.

2. The display screen has diversified colors, methods and information, and can display personalized audiovisual, video, image, text and other traffic information in different ways according to the traffic guidance system and environmental requirements, so that passing pedestrians can understand the traffic information in real time and accurately .

3. Outdoor LED traffic guidance screens are required to have a high level of protection, and the structure design of the LED display box should meet the requirements of IP65 protection level. Because the LED traffic guidance display screen works under outdoor conditions, the environment is complicated, and the requirements for temperature, power supply, rain, moisture, corrosion, lightning protection, etc. are complex, and high reliability is required at the same time Take special targeted measures.

4. Remote control and intelligent detection ensure the safe, real-time, accurate and reliable display of traffic information in the system. The LED traffic guidance screen is a media that releases real-time and accurate traffic information to the public. Therefore, the system has higher requirements for safety and reliability. In order to ensure the stability and reliability of the LED traffic guidance screen, the selection and quality requirements of the display control system, software, LED pixel tube, integrated circuit, etc.

should be stable and reliable. At the same time, LED traffic guidance screens generally work in a network environment to release public information, and have higher requirements for safety.