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P3mm HD Die-casting Rental LED Display for Show
P3mm HD Die-casting Rental LED Display for Show

Item:P3mm HD Die-casting Rental LED Display for Show

Size: 13.57sq.m*2sets

Date: Nov.20


Rental led Display design and technical characteristics

(1) According to the use function, the rental led display screen can display a complete picture, or it can be divided into at least two areas to display different content. The pixel resolution ratio of the display area meets the requirements of video playback and visual viewing characteristics.

(2) The LED display adopts modules to be assembled into a box, and the box is assembled into a display. In the rear maintenance mode, sufficient maintenance space has been considered at the rear of the screen body, which is quick to assemble, easy to maintain, and has a smooth surface. The surface of the module PCB electronic components are coated with three-proof paint, which is waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-static, and dust-proof.

(3) The rental led display unit technology meets the requirements: fine, flat, sturdy, unit integrated design, easy to install, disassemble, and live maintenance. The display unit is moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, flame-proof, dust-proof, high and low temperature, anti-static, anti-electromagnetic Interference, anti-vibration and circuit protection functions.

(4) The display unit and the entire system have good anti-electromagnetic interference performance, comply with international electromagnetic compatibility standards, and meet the ISO/IEC standards issued by the International Standards Organization.

(5) The display system adopts constant current source drive control.

(6) The entire display screen system has strong environmental adaptability, and can work normally indoors without interference from temperature, humidity, humidity, electric waves, static electricity and other equipment.

(7) The color of the image displayed on the screen is soft and realistic, with a strong sense of hierarchy and three-dimensionality. It adopts single-point brightness and color correction technology, and the brightness and color display are uniform, achieving true color reproduction, reaching 1024 gray levels of broadcast level.

(8) The system is stable and reliable, with strong anti-interference ability, continuous working for more than 72 hours, humanized design of the control system software operation interface, simple operation, and free software upgrades for life.

(9) The display unit is controlled independently. A single point of failure does not affect the use of the entire screen. The unit supports hot plugging and unplugging. After the unit is replaced, the system is calibrated to ensure the uniform display of the entire screen.

(10) The power distribution system has lightning protection, short circuit, open circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, undervoltage and leakage protection measures. The power distribution cabinet shall have the capability of waterproof, rust-proof and anti-corrosion; and shall have the functions of voltage stabilization and lightning protection; when it is forced to open, it can automatically alarm. When a serious error occurs in the system, it can automatically shut down and give an alarm to ensure the safety and reliability of the system during operation.

(11) The high refresh driver IC is used to ensure that the display screen is clearer, smoother and stable.

(12) Adopt high refresh and point-by-point correction system. Ensure the consistency of the display screen, brightness uniformity, and color more real.