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Varriable Lane Control LED Sign for Toll Station
Varriable Lane Control LED Sign for Toll Station

Item:Customized Varriable Lane Control Sign for Toll Station

Size: Customized*30pcs

Date: Nov.20


The “variable lane” project mainly uses facilities such as “variable lane LED signs”, road indication markings, and notice signs to remind the driver of the different functions of the current lane at different time periods in order to cope with the “tidal type” that appears in the morning and evening peak hours. "Congestion."

Electronic products such as "LED signs" and "LED induction display screens" have been used more and more widely in the "variable lane" project, which puts forward higher requirements for the control system. PLC controller With its characteristics of good stability, strong anti-interference ability, and visual operation, it can be used as the main control unit, combined with the relevant phase output signal of the road traffic signal control machine, to realize "intelligent control", and it can also be realized in emergency situations. "Manual operation" can deal with various complex environments at intersections and realize scientific management. This article mainly discusses the S7-200 PLC controller in the "Gonghe New Road/Linfen Road Variable Lane Reconstruction Project" project. Variable lane control system.

Through the software design of the ladder diagram mode, the various functions involved in the control plan are realized, and the display pattern of the LED indicator is controlled by the output signal to realize the lane function change and achieve the purpose of alleviating traffic congestion.