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P2.5mm Indoor HD Totem LED Screen for Advertising
P2.5mm Indoor HD Totem LED Screen for Advertising

Item:P4mm Indoor HD Totem LED Screen for Advertising

Size: 1.16*2.04m*8sets

Date: Nov.20


Totem LED Screen Anti-static design

Static electricity is relatively static electric charge (Electro-Static), which usually refers to the positive and negative charges on the surface of an object caused by the friction between different objects.

Electrostatic discharge refers to the transfer of electrostatic charge between objects caused by direct contact or electrostatic induction of objects with different electrostatic potentials (Electro-Static-Discharge).

Usually Totem LED Screen refers to the phenomenon of discharging after the energy of the electrostatic field reaches a certain level, breaking down the medium in between. Causes of static electricity From a microscopic point of view, according to the theory of atomic physics, matter is in a state of electrical equilibrium when it is electrically neutral. Due to the contact between atoms of different substances, the gains and losses of electrons are generated, which makes the substances lose their electrical balance and generate static electricity.

From a macro point of view, Totem LED Screen the reasons are: friction between objects generates heat, which stimulates electron transfer; contact and separation between objects produce electron transfer; electromagnetic induction causes an unbalanced distribution of charges on the surface of an object; the combined effect of friction and electromagnetic induction.

Specific anti-static measures

◇ Adopt anti-static floor/mat

◇ Install ion fan and other protection equipment

◇ Use grounding tools and equipment

◇ Set up warning signs in anti-static areas