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P5mm Indoor LED Display Screen for Shopping Mall
P5mm Indoor LED Display Screen for Shopping Mall

Item:P5mm Indoor LED Display Sign for Shopping Mall

Size: 8.75sq.m*4sets

Date: Nov.20


P5 Indoor LED Display Screen for Shopping Mall

P5 indoor led display

Knowledge for Electromagnetic shielding

For LED electronic display screens, because we use a metal positioning unit structure, it already has a good electromagnetic shielding effect, so we usually no longer consider its electromagnetic shielding problem.   

However, through the power line, interference on the power grid can be transmitted to the equipment and interfere with the normal operation of the equipment.

Similarly, equipment interference can also be conducted to the power grid through the power cord, causing interference to other equipment on the network.

In order to prevent these two situations from happening, we will install a low-pass filter at the power inlet of the device.

This filter only allows the working frequency (50Hz) of the device to pass, and will cause great loss to higher frequency interference. , Thus playing a very good shielding protection role.