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P3.33mm SMD Outdoor LED Taxi Topper Sign Display
P3.33mm SMD Outdoor LED Taxi Topper Sign Display

Item:P3.33mm SMD Outdoor LED Taxi Topper Sign Display

Size: 0.96*0.32m*20pcs

Date: Nov.20


P3.33mm SMD Outdoor LED Taxi Topper Sign Display ready to ship to USA.

taxi led display


TS LED Provide LED display manufacturers and end customers with the best chromaticity correction solution to help improve the image quality of the LED display, and is committed to solving the following unevenness problems of the display: 

The unevenness caused by the batch problem of the display LED lights; 

Unevenness caused by batch issues of LED display driver IC; 

Unevenness caused by the led display production process; 

The unevenness caused by the attenuation of LED lights after the display is used.

The calibration system can achieve the following functions: 

Support 16-bit correction coefficient realization method, the low gray after correction is still extremely delicate; 

The corrected brightness difference is less than ±1%, and the chromaticity difference is less than 0.003; 

Eliminate batch chromaticity differences of LED lamps; 

Eliminate the difference in brightness and chromaticity between partitions and cabinets, making the full screen smooth as a mirror; 

Support single box calibration, which can be adjusted box by box on the production line to ensure that the brightness and chromaticity of each box at the factory reach a high degree of uniformity; 

Support on-site large-screen calibration, select a suitable viewing location on the large-screen display site to perform on-site calibration to ensure that the LED display screen reaches a high degree of brightness and chromaticity uniformity at the on-site observation location; 

Support LED virtual screen/LED curved screen/LED curtain screen/LED shaped screen correction; 

Luminance loss: 5% to 8%. 

Non-linear correction and color coordinate space conversion