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P5mm SMD Rental & Events LED Dispaly In Moscow
P5mm SMD Rental & Events LED Dispaly In Moscow

Item:P5mm SMD Rental & Events LED Dispaly

Size: 52 sq.m

Date: Aug.12


P5mm SMD Rental & Events LED Dispaly In Moscow

(4) The event Led display unit and the entire system have good anti-electromagnetic interference performance, comply with international electromagnetic compatibility standards, and meet the ISO/IEC standards issued by the International Standards Organization.
(5) The display system adopts constant current source drive control.
(6) The audio and video interfaces and internal processing of audio and video of the display system meet the professional broadcast and television specifications. The display screen can combine the characteristics of the broadcast and television signals to provide a realistic, complete and high-quality LED display for the television broadcast signals.
(7) The LED display color of the image displayed on the screen is soft and realistic, with a strong sense of hierarchy and three-dimensionality. It adopts single-point brightness and color correction technology, and the brightness and color display are uniform, achieving true color reproduction, reaching 1024 gray levels of broadcast level.