The Challenges in LED Display Field in Recent Years

Written by:admin Time:2014-08-26

Here we all know that full color led video displays are available from a large number of suppliers and prices have dropped significantly and steadily.

So here the choice for the customers is difficult – all suppliers are the best and it is almost impossible to compare before you buy, Meanwhile the technology is moving forward quickly, products become commercially obsolete, So finally the customers and their consultants are often not clear what they need There have some questions make us confused:
Brightness: Brightness on its own is without meaning, Contrast goes hand in hand with brightness to create visibility,

Visibility = brightness * contrast.

IP rating: Every customers wants “IP65 “ but few understands why and what is really means.

Ip 65 on its own does not guarantee that the display is "weather proof" High IP rating comes at a cost and has impact on other parameters and serviceablility.

Weight: Customers prefer a display with a lower weight per square meter However. mechanical stability, thermal stability and high IP ratings includes light constructions.

Light weight screens often need substantial additional structures that lead to a significantly higher total weight.

The price (per square meter): There are no “free lunches “ lower prices means accepting compromises, But what compromises can the customers accept? Typically there just don’t know.