P16mm dip LED Display in Thailand Stadium

Written by:admin Time:2011-08-21

 August 12th, Double P16mm dip LED Display have been installed in Thailand, for celebrating the Mother’s day coming, The party will take place in the Stadium center by Chanel one, Chanel seven and other media, famous actor/actress, athletes and politician will be present at the party for have a great get-together.

Like this bustling scene, the auditorium will be jammed with audience in the huge stadium, P16mm outdoor LED Display with a total area of 113.25m2 , with light and beautiful cabinet, its special handle design of the two sides and the top fully considers the convenience of quick installation, demolition and removal. Professional lock design makes assembling more convenient.

Wide viewing angles and great uniformity, can achieve the display performance of clear, dedicated, vivid pictures and letters. Enjoying vivid live show is not a problem for audience.