P16 Outdoor Full Color LED Front-access Display Cabinet

Written by:admin Time:2014-12-06

On Dec 3rd, Richard who comes from America, as one of TS LED’s strategic partners has visited our company. Mr. Richard is the director of a professional LED display company for several years.

In this business trip, Richard discussed the item P16mm outdoor full color front maintance LED display. The display he was looking for is planning to install against the wall for advertising.

outdoor led sign 

P16mm RGB outdoor full color LED Display:

Outdoor full color LED Display, adopting imported LED lamps, with an unique video processing technology, an advanced brightness& white balance control system and a perfect electricity distribution system, able to show the excellent dynamic video effects.

Application: Leisure squares, shopping center, large entertainment squares, commercial centers, commercial streets for advertising information etc.


1. Waterproof, moisture proof, anti-static, anti-corrosion and anti-oxidation

2. High brightness ≥7000cd/m2
3. IP65 protection design with long weatherability
4. Large viewing angle, low power consumption and good color uniformity.

Richard said that I just got your services and product quality last several times that you provided, the components are deadly true, even some extra materials that other LED Display industry wouldn’t take it into consideration, such as full copper and 3U gold-plated painted connector, extra slot, waterproof cover and removable dust network for the cabinets, the fans, etc. So, you are reliable partnership.