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P5 Indoor SMD double LED display in Indonesia
P5 Indoor SMD double LED display in Indonesia

Item:P5 Indoor SMD double LED display in Indonesia

Size: 6.48*2.88m*2pcs+6.48*1.44m

Date: Sep.17


White balance control technology

White balance is an important indicator to measure the color effect of the display screen.

The national standard stipulates that the white color temperature standard of the P5 Indoor LED display product is D65. The full-color display of TS electronic can maintain the best colorless vision under different typical environments, so that the display can achieve white balance under various lighting environments.

The automatic brightness adjustment system allows the display to adjust the brightness of the display according to the brightness of the external environment obtained by the light sensor, making the image softer and suitable for human eyes.

Manual adjustment allows users to according to their needs Make flexible adjustments.

For example, select the best display brightness and display contrast according to the brightness change of the external environment, so as to obtain the best display effect. And the advanced, high-speed and accurate R, G, B automatic adjustment system makes the P5 Indoor LED display The white coordinate difference between any two points is extremely small, which is a standard that no other manufacturer can achieve.

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