P10 Outdoor LED Display As New Symbol Decorating the New Agricultural Trade Centre

Written by:admin Time:2018-12-27

Last week, our engineer team brought back good news about the project in Guangzhou. They assisted customer finished screen installation and technical issues on site. As a new colorful symbol, another LED display make the new trade centre complete. 

In the middle of this year, we’ve been informed a display project for the new agricultural trade centre under construction in Guangzhou was planned. After the field trip and weeks of discussion with customers, our team provided a complete project solution, including type of LED display, installation method, full controlling set and service we will provide, which satisfied the customers and get the project settled down with TS LED.

This outdoor high brightness LED display is made of 140pcs P10mm cabinet, total 172sq meter. Considering of special installation place, we’ve recommended TS LED FAM series product, which has front/rear maintenence way. As a new trend, more than three quarters of installation time can be saved comparing with traditional ones.  

outdoor led display

Besides the LED display, peripheral products including steel structure draws for installation, and a full set of controlling parts such as computer, amplifier, audio set, air conditioner, power distribution etc. also be provided as part of the project service.

From the beginning to the last, customers have nothing to concern about the project, and they’ve been handled a total satisfying result.