bus front led destination sign-rear-side-interior led display screen

Written by:admin Time:2020-09-18

The bus LED display system:

bus led destination display

Bus LED display divided into two sections, one is on-board advertising LED display system, another one is the route and stop destination LED screen system. Let’s introduce the function and specific :

On-board advertising LED display system is for graphic, video information and advertising. Usually made by RGB full-color LED module, P3 - P4 - P5 - P6 pitch LED screen, installed in the tail end of the bus or on the side, of course there are also install interior of the bus.

Bus stop destination LED screen system is used to show the bus route number, the terminal, the current station, the next stop, driving direction and information into the station. How to make bus LED screen system,

  bus inner led display

Usually bus route LED screen system consists of: front led screen for outside passengers, rear led  screen, interior led display , side led sign, and guided led screen  internal passengers, 5 piece of LED screen and bus stop announcer or control box, control card and the control center.

  bus led screen

Bus front led display screen show the bus route number, originating station, station and the terminal convenient accurate passengers safety travel.

Bus rear led display screen show bus route number, originating station, terminal counterparts can connect the brakes, turn signal, synchronization brake pay attention to safety warning signal, turn left and right turn signal.

Interior led display screen show the current platform, Next stop information,, also can show warm remind, the date, time, temperature, humidity, and other daily information.

led display for bus

Bus side led display screen show all stop information of the route, route number, the station and the  terminal. Direction of passengers.

Bus internal guide led screen shows all the bus stops and each stop information, the current stop, destination and how many stops from current stop to destination,facilitate the passengers to check the distance and arrival time.

bus message led sign

This are 5pcs bus LED screen function. As for how to change information,stopsroutes and so on need to use the following  equipment.

Bus stop announcer has manual and GPS automatically. Manual usually by the driver to choose the information what you edit and stored in control card and announcement. GPS automatically announcer by the GPS positioning data via satellite, when the bus is within the scope of this coordinate automatically stops and send the data to the LED display, LED display receives data and show on the each LED screen.