transparent led display screen solution for glass,windows,showcase

Written by:admin Time:2020-10-26

1, what is a transparent LED display?

 Transparent LED display as the name suggests is the LED display as a glass has the nature of through the light. Its implementation principle is to light the screen of the innovation, the SMT manufacturing process, lamp bead encapsulation, the control system of the targeted improvement, combined with the structure of the hollow out design, reduces the parts to the line of sight of block structure, maximum limit increased the perspective effect.

Transparent LED screen is a new type of transparent LED display technology, it has 70%-95% transparency, led panel thickness is just 5 mm, LED panel can be close to the glass to install, from behind the glass unit size can customize according to the size of glass, the glass curtain wall lighting perspective effect is small, and convenient installation and maintenance. Widely used in urban landmark buildings, municipal building, airport, 4 s shop, hotel, Bank, chain stores and other places.

 transparent led display

TS LED independent research and development of transparent glass led screen, relying on the unique light, and ultra wide stent spacing, regular spacing is as high as 70%.

  led transparent display

2, the characteristics of transparent LED screen

 (1) it has a very high transparent rate of perspective, with 70% - 95%, fully guarantee the floor, glass facade, Windows and other structure between the light and Angle of view scope, ensure that the function of glass curtain wall of the daylighting of the original perspective.

(2) light weight. Main board thickness 5 mm, transparent led display screen normally weighs 6.5kg /㎡, no need change the building structure, fixed directly on the glass wall.

(3)no need the steel frame structure, save a lot of installation and maintenance costs. Fixed on the glass wall directly, without any steel structure, save a lot of cost.

(4) the unique display effect, can make the advertising images give a person the sense of floating on the glass wall, has the very good advertising effect and artistic effect.

(5) maintenance convenient indoor maintenance, quick and safe, economically.

(6) energy conservation and environmental protection do not need the traditional refrigeration system and air conditioning cooling, over 30% of energy than normal LED display.

transparent led screen

3, transparent LED display screen compared with conventional LED display:

1. The transparency

As people known, ordinary LED display opaque and transparent rate is 0. But Transparent LED screen has high permeability, more than 70%, and led screen display effect is very cool.


Conventional LED screen weight more than 30 kg/sqm, when the led screen size is too big, the led screen body steel structure and the original structure is the challenge. But transparent LED display weight only 6.5kg, can be installed in a vertical independent, the load demand for steel structure is very low.

led transparent display

3. Beautiful

onventional LED display in the building of large-scale steel structure, time-consuming and laborious to a certain extent affect the building and beautiful shape. But transparent LED screen can without the steel structure, easy to wall without damage of the wall, can also improve the overall aesthetic appearance.

4. Energy saving

Energy conservation and environmental protection, over 30% of energy than normal LED display.

Through the above comparison,transparent LED display relatively conventional LED display advantage is very outstanding, the transparent screen with high permeability, good scalability, light weight, convenient maintenance, display effect is cool, believe that can get the favour of the market.