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Written by:admin Time:2020-10-27

Traffic LED display is becoming more and more common, and it is used in many different transportation fields. let is talking about 8 different areas:

traffic led screen
 1. Highway LED display screen.
It is mainly used to display traffic emergency or road condition information, storm, haze and other weather warnings. Generally use big pixel pitch LED displays, such as P10, P16, P18, P20, P25, P31.25 two-color or full-color high brightness Dip LED display.

highway led display
 2. Intelligent city road LED display screen.
It is mainly used to display traffic emergency or traffic condition information, safe driving, overspeed and overload, weather change and so on. Generally use medium pitch LED display, mostly use P10 or P16 two-color and full-color DIP LED display.

road led display
 3. Lane control LED display.
It is mainly used to control the lane to go straight or turn, and to decide and control whether the lane is straight or turn or forbidden according to the actual situation of traffic and vehicles. the LED display screen is generally composed of red × and green arrows. Generally used at crossroads, tunnels, toll stations and other occasions.

lane control led sign
 4. Platform LED display screen.
It is mainly used to display vehicle arrival time, current platform information, passing vehicle route and passing station information.
Widely used in bus platform, subway platform, light rail platform, long-distance bus platform and station. Due to a lot of content, it is usually made of LED display screen with small and medium pixel pitch.

platform led display
5. Passenger vehicle and flight information led display.
Mainly used to display vehicle and flight information, convenient for passengers to travel. For example: vehicle and flight delay, boarding time, boarding gate, bus platform, travel time, arrival time etc...

passenger information led display
 6. Bus route LED screen.
It is mainly used to display bus routes, departure stations, terminals, passing stations and reminders such as full passengers or suspension of operation.
The LED display screen inside the bus is mainly used to remind passengers of the coming station (the next station), as well as the name and date, time, temperature and emergency information of the current station, so as to facilitate passengers to take the bus and get off at the station.

bus route led screen
 7. Guide logo sign LED display screen.
Mainly used to display directions or instructions. For example: destination direction, subway entrance and exit direction, no traffic sign, special crowd passage sign, elevator orientation, bus orientation, ticket purchase orientation, toilet orientation and entrance location. Another example: the station hall is clear and clear about ticket sales, inquiries, ticket prices, station entry, train direction, subway route map, train and other positions, so as to guide and guide passengers quickly and conveniently.

entrance exit led sign
 8. Intelligent toll station LED display screen.
Mainly used to display vehicle transmission information and payment amount. Widely used in parking lots and toll stations. When the vehicle arrives in the designated area, the fee is automatically displayed on the LED display.

Toll station led display