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Single Red Passenger Information LED Sign Display
Single Red Passenger Information LED Sign Display

Item:Single Red Passenger Information LED Sign Display

Size: 28sets

Date: Nov.20

Location:Railway Station

Passenger Information LED Sign Display features and advantages energy saving:

1. Ultra-wide viewing angle, suitable for viewing from multiple angles, making it more convenient for the people;

2. Display the arrival and departure timetable, real-time information and business information, using high-brightness LED technology and automatic/manual dimming technology to ensure the best visibility, and at the same time have the characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection;

3. All products are selected, designed and produced in accordance with RoHS standards;

4. The production strictly follows the ISO14001 standard.

Passenger Information LED Sign Display Safety & reliability

1. All metal equipment enclosures, piping systems, and junction boxes are painted.

2. High degree of protection: IP65 (outdoor station square, platform), IP54 or 30 (station hall, train and bus carriage), choose according to environmental conditions to ensure that the structure is 360° waterproof and dustproof;

3. Dual voltage working mode, energy saving by 25%, redundant power supply design, effectively enhancing reliability and long service life;

4. The active heat dissipation structure of the double-layer door of the screen body is airtight;

5. Double-sided anti-reflective coating design, anti-scratch and dim surface;

6. High-quality energy-saving LED modules guarantee a 10-year service life, and the module's mean time between failures (MTBF) ≥80,000 hours

.Passenger Information LED Sign Display intelligent

1. A dual brightness automatic adjustment system is built in the screen to effectively improve the accuracy of the system's dimming, which can meet automatic/manual adjustment; ensure sufficient brightness during the day and no glare at night;

2. The train time information and digital information are sent to the train display screen through the train communication control unit (TCCU), and each LED display screen displays the relevant information through the Ethernet based on the user data packet protocol (UDP) controlled by the branch switch, embedded The software is updated online and is being monitored.

3. A single-point fault feedback system is built in the LED screen to ensure that the working status of the induction screen is grasped in the control room at the first time;

4. An environmental monitoring feedback system is built in the screen to ensure the safe operation and use of the induction screen;

5. GPS and the central computer control system ensure that the PIDs of the station can be correlated with each other.